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Puuilo ethical purchase policy

Greetings from the CEO

Puuilo recognises that environmental and social responsibility and ethical business actions are important themes, and advancing them throughout the value chain is both our duty and an opportunity to create value. The role of Puuilo is to provide our customers with necessary and relevant consumer products. We want to be proud of our product selection and offer products that we use ourselves because of their quality and responsibility. We require our suppliers and partners to commit to advance responsibility when cooperating with us.

Puuilo is committed to the ethical policy of Amfori BSCI and therefore is compliant with the UN Global Compact and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. In addition to following the legislation, we require our suppliers and partners to have the same or equivalent approach, and therefore we encourage them to proactively develop their production and product selection responsibly.

The foremost responsibility of a company is to follow the legislation of their country. Suppliers in countries with legislation and regulations that contradict these requirements must strive to follow such principles that guarantee the best possible protection for both the employees and the environment.

We are serious about responsibility and we wish for long-term development of the cooperation with suppliers and partners. If our own activities or the operations of the value chain contain any possible flaws, we encourage everyone to report them. We will take responsibility by investigating such situations and taking corrective measures together with the other members of the value chain.

Juha Saarela, Chief Executive Officer

Supplier principles required by Puuilo

Puuilo would like to cooperate with its suppliers and partners in a long-term manner to guarantee a varied, updated and responsible product selection. We consider the responsibility requirements and advancing them as important as the quality of our products.

Human rights and workers’ rights

Puuilo respects the internationally recognised human rights and is committed to advancing the following global human rights and basic principles and rights of labour: The right to organize and bargain, just remuneration, workplace health and safety, special protection of young workers, prohibition of forced labour, prohibition of discrimination, reasonable working hours, prohibition of child labour and prohibition of precarious work.

Puuilo strives to minimize any possible human rights violations in its own activity and value chain, and when needed, to remedy harmful effects that have taken place. Similarly the suppliers and partners must recognise and advance the realisation of human rights and labour rights.

Environmental Protection

The suppliers and partners of Puuilo shall strive to recognise the environmental impact of actions in advance and thus try to avoid damaging environmental effects such as loss of natural diversity, lack of availability of clean water, emissions to air, land and water, use of virgin or rare raw materials.

In addition we encourage the suppliers to

  • Increase the level of recycling and minimise the amount of waste
  • Minimise the environmental impact of logistics
  • Develop and offer environmentally friendly products, such as low-carbon products or products of circular economy

When requested the suppliers shall provide Puuilo with information of the carbon footprint of their own actions (Scope 1 and 2).

Ethical business activities and corruption prevention

The suppliers and partners of Puuilo shall commit to zero tolerance policy concerning corruption, including extortion and bribery.
In addition the suppliers and partners shall gather, use and handle personal data in a careful manner and in accordance with the privacy and data protection legislation and the relevant regulations.

Monitoring and communication

Puuilo expects its suppliers to commit to the ethical purchase principles as a part of the purchasing contract. Puuilo wishes to advance responsibility in negotiations and regular cooperation meetings with its suppliers and partners. The suppliers and partners may be requested to report on their responsibility advancing actions. In case a supplier has not been audited for the Amfori BSCI certificate, Puuilo can perform the auditing if required. In case the operations of a supplier or a partner is discovered to be lacking or it is not in line with the requirements of this document, we will primarily look for solutions and corrective measures in cooperation with the other party. If, however, a partner does not wish or is not able to correct the issue despite their efforts, we might have to terminate the cooperation.

Whistleblowing channels

We encourage you to report to us about actions that contradict these instructions. The whistleblowing channel of Puuilo is available to internal and external reference groups and can be found on our website www.puuilo.fi/ilmoituskanava. We will investigate all reports in confidentiality and protect the whistleblower in the process.